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When it comes to properties and property management, we offer a complete service. With the help of our services, the property owner is guaranteed to get the best possible profit for their property. Our success is based on finding the right business ideas for the customer’s needs.

Property Management

Our individual services for property management aim at reaching the general goals set for the property in question and securing a steady cash flow. We are happy to be on board with your property development projects from the earliest stage possible.


Our property development projects include commercial planning, functionality surveys, taking care of rental projects, and formulating business ideas and concepts with the help of research.


Consumer service analysis

Are you wondering what kind of a service package would fit your property the best? Or what services are missing from a city centre or a shopping centre? What kind of property would best serve a certain target group and how to make the property functional?

Propdea has developed a unique product, a consumer service analysis (KULPA) that helps us find the lacks and shortcomings in each field of retail operations in a property or a service package. We compare the data gathered with KULPA with the demographic purchasing power and match the results. With KULPA we will find the right niche for your property.


The ambience dictates the customer’s consumer behaviour. In order to feel welcome, the customer needs to feel that the trade centre has been planned for them. A successful place of business is created with an inviting atmosphere: the soundscape, the colours, the tones and the functionality have to be spot on.

This is a field we work on with Tuntuma, a product specially developed and owned by Propdea. With the help of Tuntuma, we explore the ways in which the shopping centre or city centre can find its way to the consumers’ hearts and serve its clients in a profitable way. We have a keen ear on the needs and preferences of the clientele.

The right ambience is the key – and with the help of Tuntuma we will find it!

The business idea

At Propdea we formulate business ideas by surveying the market (KULPA) and listening to the clientele (Tuntuma). The business idea is always built on a solid expertise in retail and a thorough research on the supply of the area in question, consumer trends and consumer drivers. We develop business ideas in an innovative way, as if constructing an interesting story. A strong expertise and a deep understanding are the basis of our work, but inventiveness is our best asset.

Concept design

As the project advances, the business idea is specified through detailed concept design. With the help of good concept design, we are able to find the consumer drivers, which will help the people working in different stages of the project to carry out their tasks. We will find the common thread in architecture, electric, structural and façade design, rentals and shopping centre management and manage to combine all of these in an easy manner.

The right concept is the path to success – and good planning is half the work!

Rental projects

In rental projects, the aim is to use our innovation and expertise to get a growing cash flow for the property in question. Our success is based on selling a good story along with targeted renting. Before starting the project, we agree on specific methods of work and goals with the customer, and during the project we report on the realization of these methods and goals regularly and in a transparent manner. In rental projects, we are at the top of our game, especially when we have had the chance to be involved in the property development from the very beginning.

Shopping centre management

The significance of well-organized shopping centre management is too often overlooked. We at Propdea want to give it the attention it deserves. With the help of a tool called KAUPPAKESKUSLIIKETOIMINAN PORTAAT (KAPO) we define – in cooperation with the customer – the goals and guidelines of shopping centre management. Planning the project thoroughly and agreeing on common guidelines gives us an over-all control on the management of the shopping centre, which ensures customer satisfaction and a steady cash flow. Excellent shopping centre management means taking care of the cohesiveness of the business idea and making the operations more effective by cutting down on overlapping functions.

Due Diligence

Through the commercial due diligence process our customer receives financial information on the operations of the property as well as a confirmation on the veracity of the information given by the seller of the property. We help our clients to evaluate the prognoses and budgets provided by the seller with precision and a strong expertise.